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Our current 'Artist Of The Month' is:
M Y L E N E  O' C O N N O R


Graduating from Chelsea School of Art I started my career illustrating  and sometimes writing and illustrating children’s books for An Gúm an Irish publisher which publishes books exclusively in the Irish language. I eventually found illustration limiting and took a foundation course in fine art in Salisbury college under Caroline Ruark-Davis. Since then I have been experimenting with diverse art forms and themes without worrying too much about whether they were commercially viable or not. One dominant theme I call Forbidden Games, in which I use items normally connected with children, especially dolls and dolls’ houses to explore adult concerns. Recently  I have started a You Tube Channel (search for: mylenestudio) where I discuss some of these themes and anything else that interests or enthuses me.  I am an enthusiastic follower of contemporary art. 

I enjoy experimenting with different materials from paper making to plaster work to botanical printing to fluid painting. I explore the possibilities of found objects and never return from a walk without something in my pocket. My studio is a monument to my enthusiasms. I try to draw every day, not always something representational and often with non traditional implements.    Nothing can come of nothing but any mark, scribble, splash or dash can be the jumping off point which leads to some new piece or method.    

A few years ago I started taking courses in The Red Hot Press in Southampton and hugely benefitted from them. I  haven’t the temperament to be a successful printer, but derived immense pleasure from mono-printing. This discovery, plus walks and daily drawing,  lead to the work I am concentrating on at the moment.

I  live  between  the  Wiltshire  Downs  and the New Forest and not far from the sea. The shape, line, colour and  texture of land and seascape is a constant inspiration. I try to walk  every day, sketching, taking photographs letting the landscape live inside me.  One day I did a watercolour sketch in my notebook. I wasn’t pleased with it so I stuck a piece of paper over some of it with the intention of redoing that portion.  This  piece of torn paper  transformed the  sketch into something quite different, more textural and interesting. With this sketch in mind I started to  combine  mono-printing with collage and it has opened up a world of possibilities. I call the mono-printed sheets ‘the vocabulary’ which I use to describe my response to landscape. 

Occasionally landscapes from other times and places emerge from the collages as recognisable to me as a photograph - a spontaneous projection of the inner eye, which led to my calling this strand of work The Inner Eye. You can see lots of examples on my website:

This July I had a very successful solo exhibition of these works in The Barn at Odstock. My work was also shown in the Plain Arts Summer Exhibition and in the small pictures exhibition in the Arts Centre. Some of my larger work has gone to the Wild Garlic Studio gallery in Cornwall.  At present I am working toward another exhibition to be held before Christmas. 

Images Copyright Mylene O'Connor 2021