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Artist Month
'Artist of The Month' is currently only open to Plain Arts Members.
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Our current 'Artist Of The Month' is:
H E N R I E T T A  C L A R E 


Art and photography have always played a large part in my life. My grandfather was a painter and had a collection of National Geographic magazines that I loved to explore. I had my first camera at 8 years old, my mothers old box brownie. I still have the first photograph I took - a rather blurry picture of 3 pigeons (I pressed the button too hard and moved the camera). My second attempt was much more successful (a photo of my father and older sister) and from then I never looked back.

I am a Wiltshire and UK based photographer, who studied photography at Southdowns College in Hampshire and the London College of Communication (formerly the London College of Printing). I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain; becoming first a Licentiate in 2000 and then an Associate in 2012.

I have worked professionally in photography since 2004 and, to date, my employed photographic work has concentrated on still life, environmental portraiture and reportage. PR/Corporate and events photography is also undertaken. While personal projects have tended towards landscape and travel photography.

Much of my work has been photography within the heritage industry - photographing works of art often within museum collections for publication purposes. I spent 8 years with the Victoria and Albert museum, within the Theatre and Performance Collection, and both the Ceramics and  Textile Departments, and my work is featured in a number of V&A books; a year with the Royal Collection based at Windsor Castle; and 6 months with Historic England. Other projects and    clients have included photography for the Tudor Tailor series of books about reconstructing 16th century clothing, Black Mountain D.o.o. (a Montenegro holiday and property rental company - this was nature, landscape and built environment photography to show the beauty of Montenegro, it’s countryside and historic towns), Sarah Walton - illustrative photography of her work as a ceramicist and salt glaze potter, and the Houses of Parliament (photography of 2D and 3D items within the Parliamentary Art collection). I am currently based part-time at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University - photographing their art and archaeology collection along with that of the Pitt Rivers Museum.

With much of my photographic work fulfilling other people’s briefs, it’s good to have the freedom of producing work for personal projects as well. My personal photography projects tend to involve the outdoors - allowing me to spend time in the wild places that I love, doing what I enjoy most. I spend as much time as I can in mountainous areas, and I always have a camera with me whether I’m there to specifically photograph the landscape, or to climb, walk or mountain bike.

I have always enjoyed finding patterns in the world around me and photographing close up, found details. This can often lead to an abstract feel within some of my work. I also have a keen interest in history and 'mans' mark on the landscape (having studied Landscape Archaeology at postgraduate level). It is this impact on the environment - both modern and historic - that I find myself drawn to and it is something that has become a clear theme throughout much of my personal photography.

I am available for commissions, all enquiries considered - just get in touch. 

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
instagram: @henny0c

Images Copyright Henrietta Clare  2022