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N.Letter Ad WebAdvertising Opportunities in 'The Plain Arts Newsletter'
We are inviting all Local Business's & Suppliers of Art Related Services a great opportunity, and at very competative rates, to advertise in our popular monthly newsletter. Details are as published opposite.

You can download a copy of the Advertisers Application Form HERE.

Please return all application forms with any additional information required to :
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We look forward to welcoming you!

BLMBlack Lives Matter at Plain Arts

In response to the important and powerful anti racism protests and tragic events of the last weeks, Plain Arts stands in solidarity for change and is committed to cultivating a deeper awareness and understanding of how we can support BLM and stand for equality.  Plain Arts recognise that racism and inequalities are not only in the streets but also in the institutional and structural systems, and within ourselves. 
We are listening and learning how we can be part of positive and lasting change. Social change is a marathon not a sprint and one we do together. We are committed to be part of developing an inclusive art sector and believe everybody should have equal access and rights to the benefits and experiences of art and creativity.

Below are some resources as a starting point we are learning from:

There are also lots of great books that are on the bestseller lists.

 Environmental Statement - Climate CrisisCD
Plain Arts is concerned about the state of the natural environment, and aims to incorporate this into how we work with the visual arts community in Salisbury through:
 - Assessing the environmental impacts of our activities, and looking to reduce them where possible, such as printing materials on recycled paper.
- Raising awareness through sharing relevant news and events with our members, and promoting current environmental themes through our own events and exhibitions.

Plain Arts have pledged with Culture Declares Emergency

COVID-19 - Art Trail & Paint Off 2020

Art Trail
As you are aware
, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the Art Trail planned for June this year.
We assessed the question of rescheduling the Art Trail for next year or 2022 and there were many complex logistical factors to consider, however we have come to the decision that the best course of action was to postpone the next Art Trail until 2022 .
The precise dates for this will be circulated in due course although at the moment we have been considering September 2022 as the possible target. We are of course open to your thoughts and views on this and would welcome any comments.
We have now completed the refunds for all members who applied for the Art Trail and many thanks for your patience in this matter.
Also a big thanks to Committee member Karen Welsh who has worked so hard to complete the refunds  in a reasonable time. 

Paint Off
In normal times we would now be starting the process of organising the annual Paint Off event in the Cloisters. Sadly this is not possible due to the continuing uncertainties of exactly what will be open in September or October. The Cathedral are unable to confirm any bookings and so the Committee are looking at both alternative outside venues such as the front of the Guildhall building in the Market Square where we did organise a very successful Paint Off a few years ago and other possible sites.
In addition we are considering the feasibility of organising Paint Off as an online event perhaps calling it Paint On! 
We will keep you informed when the situation becomes more clearer.


IMG 1312If you’re concerned that you may be infected with the virus there is a 111 Online Coronavirus Service which will help you determine whether you need to seek further help. 

This can be found at: