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Strongly influenced by the Land Art movement of the 60s as well asJ.M.W. Turner, Landscape painter; Georges Braque, Cubisim & Joseph Bouys.I discovered the art of paper-making in the studio of Maureen Richardson many years before studying at art college. Developing my own methodology and work practise based on conceptual ideas around the polarisation of  human kinds  relationship  with  nature. I work in nature with nature and create a dialogue between myself and the natural environment.
Combining traditional and modern techniques and materials. I often use plants fibres growing on my land I grow Kozo  to harvest as the base for mixing with other fibres and natural materials ; pigments, earth, and  sand.I choose the fibre or medium for the particular concept. Recently the book has become my main format for expression.
My works are included in many museums and libraries worldwide, as well as in private collections. 

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