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My name is Jean White and I have lived just North of Salisbury for about seven years. I have enjoyed drawing from an early age but it was on retiring to Devon that I became interested in painting country scenes and animals.  Having admired one of her pastel paintings, I attended one of Vivien Walters painting groups where I was taught such a lot about pastels, techniques and surfaces. I subsequently joined a number of Terry Harrison’s landscape groups where I learned about water colour painting.  When I moved to Wiltshire I joined  two painting groups and started to use acrylics for many of my landscapes.  Much changed during the Covid pandemic and I am now a member of Phoenix Artists and am enjoying painting animals with Pastel on velour paper, and landscape using either watercolours or acrylic paints on canvas.  Phoenix Artists holds annual exhibitions and will be taking part in this year’s Wiltshire Art Trail.    

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