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Working under the name Mayven, Artist Selena Evans constructs captivating and expressive Fiber Art Sculptures. Modelled on the distinctive animal characters with which we share our lives. Each piece evolves with individuality and sensitive realism. Exuding elegance, personality and vulnerability. 

If I were to describe my style and technique...
There are several themes that are subconscious constants within my work, and which are also present in my sculpture pieces; structure versus fluidity, organic asymmetry, textural manipulation, subtle tonal blending and layering. Whenever I work with fabric I try to cut and seam as little as possible, instead finding ways to wrap and fold. This can make the process more challenging, but the reward is the complexity and originality of outcome. You will find details in my work that will surprise, they often don't make sense from a traditional construction perspective, but from an aesthetic perspective there is harmony and balance. 

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