D.Gillen WebDrusilla Gillen
I’ve been traveling the world with my military husband for over a decade and in our travels from Vietnam to Canada (and all the places in-between,) colour, shape and nature have offered inspiration for the abstract impressionism I prefer. I’ve learnt that creativity – giving voice to our experiences through any form of creative project – is an essential part of being human. Ever since painting with my mother at the kitchen table, choice of colours still dominates my work. Although now I look to nature and the landscape for inspiration. Far from the classical masters we admire in museums, emotionally, I find the greatest satisfaction in creating abstract art. Being led more by intuition than logic, my paintings, full of life and passion, offer a diverse range of interpretation. My hope is always that the painting I create will breathe life into a space in the same way that music can colour a room. Although the results are different with each painting, my work is always rooted in my deep appreciation for the natural world around me.

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