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I have lived in Salisbury for over 25 years and am a self-taught artist, I have always had a passion for drawing and painting - I started sketching in my late teens, during my travels around the world in the merchant navy. A hectic business life then kept me away from the palette for 34 years, until retirement once again gave me the opportunity to concentrate on my art. I work mainly in oils and acrylic, painting buildings, landscapes, seascapes, still life and portraits. My style ranges from the very detailed (for buildings and still life) through to a more open style with a palette-knife (for land- and seascapes). I enjoy both precise, detailed brushwork and the randomness of the palette-knife, when one never knows where the merging colours will take the painting. I am also fascinated by portrait work, because seeing an image coming to life on the canvas is hugely satisfying. My inspiration comes from a broad spectrum of sources, from the detailed, expressive works of Renaissance artists such as Botticelli to the intricacy and quirkiness of buildings (particularly those seen on my travels around France). Additionally, nature provides an endless variety of powerful subjects, such as depicted in my rough weather paintings.

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