NB.Brown webNettie Baskcomb Brown
‘Close your eyes and feel the detail of every plant, leaf or seed – like a fossil long after their existence has passed.’ Nettie’s collection aims to provide a different perspective on the ephemeral beauty of our flora, not through colour, but through texture. Using ancient botanists’ techniques, fresh botanicals are pressed into clay and their imprints translated into plaster, thus permanently preserving their form in textured bas-relief. ‘There is an urgency about collecting specimens for my art - every walk in the landscape urges me to capture a moment that will never be repeated'. As a beekeeper, scientist, archaeologist and stroke survivor, I am particularly drawn to plants that feed my bees, traditional medicines and wild foods - but also love doing special commissions for wedding bouquets and ‘One Moment in Time’ garden panels. I am currently developing unique concrete bas-relief casts, made from my plaster original, for outdoor display. My home studio in Pewsey is always open by appointment.

Insta: @nettiebbrown_art