Wendy Anne Klein - Artist and Illustrator

After moving from Sussex to California she studied art formally in Palomar, California.As an illustrator her work was used by newspapers and periodicals which led to commissions from public and commercial enterprises. During a period living in France seh began to introduce "tongue in the cheek" humour into her work. Her interest and close observation of people, animals and nature allied to her wild, and often, outrageous imagination led her to introduce humour and character into much of her work. Wendy's work has been exhibited in France and later Canada when she settled in the Okanagan Valley. Popular demand led her to reduce many of her works to cards and mounted prints which further established her reputation as an artist/lllistrator. Returning to the UK she now lives in Salisbury and after a period of dormancy is re-establishing her studio and is not only continuing in the familiar inimitable style, but also tryng new ways of expressing her outrageous take on life.