Ann Hopkins
CV In the early 1960's Ann trained for Technical Illustration and was employed variously doing illustration and engineering drawing. In her own time she studied fine art, life drawing, sculpture, sign writing, glass engraving and more.
During the 1990's she qualified as a teacher of post compulsory students and has specialized in teaching beginners art.
In 2001 she graduated from Winchester School of Art with an Honours degree in Visual Art.
Since then she continued to teach while also taking part in exhibitions around the south of England, mainly with the inscApeart group and latterly with Plain Arts.
Throughout her life Ann has done artwork for various local charitable organizations. This has involved signwriting and calligraphy, poster design, window displays 'Artist in Residence' and others.
Her own work is mainly drawing and painting and is driven by ideas, so she does not specialise in any one genre. She does do portraits and scenery, still life etc. but is equally occupied working from imagination or developing conceptual projects. 

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