Ian Southwell imageIan Southwell
I am a photographic and acrlyic painting artist.

I started my career in art when I started selling cameras at Dixons when I was 17. I quicky got the photography bug, taking pictures on my Zenit E camera and then Pentax ME Super. Things were very different in the days of analogue photography. I used to develop my own film and make my own prints, selling portraits and photographing the occasional wedding. 

Everything changed when digital arrived. As an early adopter I bought one of the very first Olympus compacts and then the groundbreaking Canon 5D full frame camera, which as I recall, cost about £3,000 back in 2005. Digital meant I could take hundreds of pictures without having to spend extra on film, developing and printing costs. I embraced digital processing and now use lightroom to transform images.

Later on, I began painting using acrylics to represent some of my photographs. This has been very successful, with many people purchasing a phographic print, together with the matching painting.

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